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Guaranteeing (Signing) Text Data by Site Owners

This allows for user-specific settings.
This mechanism is implemented using the Web standard, Web Crypto API.


  • Site owner
  • Special user
  • Other users

Overview of the Mechanism

The site owner signs the certificate used by the special user,
and by having the special user sign the data shared through the text data function,
it ensures that the data generated by the special user is the data intended by the site owner.

Data Involved

We refer to a pair of private and public keys, which can be signed/verified, as a certificate.

  • Site Certificate
    • Issued and held by the site owner. Used to sign the special user certificate.
  • Special User Certificate
    • Held by the special user, it is signed by the site owner's site certificate.
  • Signed User Data
    • Data generated and signed by the special user using the special user certificate.


  1. The site administrator issues a site certificate.
  2. The site administrator issues a special user certificate.
  3. The special user signs the data to be sent to other users, creating the signed user data.
  4. Other users verify the received data.
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