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Rate limits - Unlimited Simultaneous Access

At VerseEngine, there is no limit to the number of users who can participate simultaneously.

※ In tests, we have confirmed up to 5,000 simultaneous accesses.

Number of simultaneous connections to the worldUnlimited
Connection to the Entrance ServerUp to 100 per world
Number of users displayed in the web browserDevelopers can freely set for each access user

※ World ... Refers to the P2P network for each web page where VerseEngine is installed.

Entrance Server

If the number of devices attempting to connect to the world exceeds 100 at once,
they will be put on hold until the connection of other devices is completed.

※ Entrance Server... Refers to the first server to connect when connecting to the world.

Rate Limits

Limitations in the Web Browser

Since the performance of users' devices varies greatly, by setting a limit for the avatars displayed in the browser, we can expect to improve the user experience.


const res = await VerseThree.start(
  	// Maximum number of displays
    maxNumberOfPeople: isLowSpecDevice ? 8 : 16,
    // Maximum number of parallel downloads
    maxNumberOfParallelFileTransfers: isLowSpecDevice ? 2 : 4,
    // Maximum size of avatar file
    maxAvatarFileSize: 1024 * 1024 * 32,
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