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Overview of VerseEngine libraries

VerseEngine consists of the core communication library called "verse-core" and various supporting libraries that enable the implementation of the metaverse on web browsers.

verse-core operates independently of those support libraries. Therefore, support libraries can be substituted by other libraries or proprietary implementations.

verse-threeopen in new windowThis is a library to easily implement a web metaverse by combining the following libraries. (for Three.js and A-FRAME)npm versionopen in new windowMIT License
verse-coreopen in new windowWeb-based Metaverse Engine on P2P overlay network.
* Exchange of avatar data for display
* Voice chat
* Synchronization of position and movement, etc.
npm versionopen in new windowTerms of Useopen in new window
three-move-controlleropen in new windowMovement and rotation by keyboard and mouse.npm versionopen in new windowMIT License
three-touch-controlleropen in new windowJoystick for touch operation.npm versionopen in new windowMIT License
three-xr-controlleropen in new windowVR controller.npm versionopen in new windowMIT License
three-avataropen in new windowAvatar system for three.js.npm versionopen in new windowMIT License
verse-three-uiopen in new windowMinimum GUI for Metaverse.npm versionopen in new windowMIT License
verse-session-idopen in new windowSession ID used internally in verse-core. Can also be used to verify signatures on the server sidecrates.ioopen in new windowMIT License
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