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Avatar/Asset Links

In order to obtain the avatars, 3D models, and texture materials needed to build the metaverse, you will need to explore a number of Web sites.

So we present to you some of the best Web sites out there.

These sites offer high-quality avatars, 3D models, and texture materials that can make your metaverse building project look amazing.

We hope you will take the opportunity to take a look at them!

Ready Player Me - Metaverse 3D Avatar Creatoropen in new windowAvatars
VRoid Studio - 3D Character Creation Softwareopen in new windowAvatars
Mixamo - Animate 3D characters for games, film, and moreopen in new windowAnimation Clips
Poly Haven - The Public 3D Asset Libraryopen in new window3D Models / Materials
Sketchfab - Share and embed 3D models anywhere onlineopen in new window3D Models
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