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on P2P overlay network

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Adoption of P2P Overlay Network

The need for large-scale communication costs associated with communication in the metaverse has been eliminated, and furthermore, we have achieved an unlimited number of simultaneous connections.

Web Standards

Anyone can easily access the Metaverse as long as they have a web browser. Using URL links lets Metaverses connect with each other, and infinite possibilities are available.

Just a Static Web Server is Enough

Complex server software setup is not necessary. By uploading content to your existing web server, you can easily publish your Metaverse.

Metaverse in Just a Few Lines of Code

A simple library that gathers avatar functions, and operation functions for PC, mobile, and VR devices is provided, making it easy to transform 3D space into a Metaverse in just a few lines of code.

Commercial Use is Free

The adoption of an innovative architecture has dramatically reduced operational costs, making it possible to offer Metaverse services for free even for commercial use. Anyone can easily utilize the Metaverse for business.

3D Library Independent

The core Metaverse communication library is not dependent on specific 3D libraries, so developers have more freedom to use different environments, such as Three.js, Unity, and Babylon.js, and even in 2D environments.


  • May 19 , 2024 - Entrance Server source code is now available. (Detailsopen in new window)
  • July 14, 2023 - verse-three 1.0.7, verse-core 1.0.1, verse-session-id released. (Details)
    • Obtaining a unique session ID for each connection
    • Data signing function for external server integration, etc.
    • Bug fix (use of text data before avatar loading)
  • July 11, 2023 - Custom elements can now be added to the UI for 2D in verse-three 1.0.6. (Details)
  • July 5, 2023 - With an update to the Entrance Server, we have unlocked an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. (Details)